Team Wade Done Daring the Devil

My little dog Tank is my most faithful writing companion. My wife is good for a few hours of reading and proofing, but Tank is the one that is there beside me all the way. He literally never leaves my side. I get up and stroll around the house or outside and he is right beside me. I return to my computer and he jumps into his bed that is right beside me and goes to sleep. He never asks to be fed, but when I ask him if he is hungry he is very vocal.

Around nine this morning we wrapped up posting and announcing the release of “Don’t Dare the Devil” after an all-night work session. This is Tank’s response when I asked him if he was hungry.


We are thrilled that Don’t Dare the Devil has already reached #3 in Lesbian Action/Adventure. We thank our readers for that. You are so wonderful!


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