About Being Butch

from someone who has no idea!!

My older brother and I have lunch every Wednesday, come hail or high water. He is one of my favorite people in the entire world. Funny, compassionate, loving, all the good things a human can be. He and his wife have the twins I often post about.

He had helped me fix some things around the house last weekend, so he showed up at lunch Wednesday with a present for me. A tool set! He said, “Every good butch has these tools.”

My reply was, “Thank you, I think.”tools

My tool collection has always consisted of a hammer and two screwdrivers. I figured if I couldn’t fix something with these tools, it was a job beyond my capabilities.  But it turns out my brother was right. He is already expanding my horizons with his toolkit.

Saturday night I made dinner for my family and friends, after they left I got ready for bed then checked all the doors to make sure they were locked because the twins had been in and out of every door in the house. As I walked through my home I realized I had left the water running outside.  So, barefoot and clad in only a University of Texas t-shirt I took Tank outside and turned off the water.

Tank played then we headed back inside. To my surprise I had let the door close with the lock on, so we were locked outside. I walked around the house trying every door that I had carefully locked and couldn’t get into my house.

Of course, I had left my cellphone in the house and the Alexa on my patio informed me I had never set up her phone dialing capability. “Set it up now,” I commanded.

“I find no cell phone present,” she answered.  Alexa is a lot like my wife, Alex.  She will only do things her way.  Hmmm….similar names, coincidence?

I was debating on whether to knock on my neighbor’s door or spend the night on the patio furniture. But then I figured either way I’d still be barefoot, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and locked out of my house with no cell phone.

I checked all the windows but knew they would be locked. Bless the twins, one window in Trin’s room was unlocked. I climbed into the window with Tank barking at me as if I were a cat burglar, secured the window and let Tank in before heading to bed.

The point of this story is that Bud’s tools were just what I needed. First thing Sunday morning I went to Lowe’s and purchased a wireless keypad like one mounts outside the garage door. I used Bud’s tools to install it.

So, Thanks Bud. I love you.remote


Alex has been in Alabama visiting family, I can’t repeat her comment when I told her I had a whole box of new tools. Image result for embarrassed  However, she was delighted that I have made it impossible for us to lock ourselves out of the house.


So much for my “butchness”.  Yesterday I discovered that I had somehow severed the link between my garage door opener and my car.  Thank heaven I installed the keypad!!


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