Don’t Dare the Devil Cover Reveal

Team Wade—believe me it takes several of us—is pleased to reveal the cover for “Don’t Dare the Devil.” You can read a preview of the first three chapters here.CoverDDTDfinalFB

Readers usually aren’t aware of what it takes to put out a book. Most of you know that I am an Indie author but that doesn’t mean I tackle the task alone. I’m just one tiny cog in a great big wheel. I guess you could call me the catalyst. I kick off the chain reaction by writing the book. Sometimes I can write a book in six or seven months but most of my books have been in the making for one or two years. My wonderful wife, Alex, reads my finished book and gives suggestions that make it so much better.

After incorporating Alex’s suggestions the manuscript goes to my incredible Betas, Julie Versoi and Laure Dherbécourt. While we are concentrating on writing and proofing, a cover is in the works. Our goal is to have a culmination of everything in the same week. Occasionally we actually accomplish that.

Audio books are slowed down because of Amazon’s requirement that the book must be published on Amazon before it can be submitted for audio production. An audio book can take from two to four months to produce.

The final piece of the puzzle is my extremely capable editor Susan Hughes. Susan is truly a Godsend. After Susan finished editing my first book I realized that I’d never seen a comma I couldn’t misplace or an adverb I couldn’t use. She has helped me streamline my stories and clean up the punctuation. I wouldn’t want to go to press without her.

The final step in a book’s release is the audio. We are very fortunate to have the talented Victoria Mei as the narrator for Erin Wade novels. Victoria’s first audio for us will be Living Two Lives which will be released this month, June 12 mark that date on your calendar.  This month we will also be posting a preview of the audio book for “Don’t Dare the Devil” so you’ll want to be sure to “Follow” this blog to get notifications of new posts in your email.  I plan on blogging no more than once a week so you won’t be buried in notifications but you’ll still be kept up to date on developments.

While all of this is going on we are coordinating with our webmaster on website updates and posting information on this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Social media is essential for an Indie author’s success. There are few ways to reach a select audience such as ours. Print magazines aimed at lesbians are non-existent and most “promotion opportunities” are aimed at a broad, general audience. So while one might reach many people, they don’t reach the desired target audience. More on this subject in a future blog.

All of us at Team Wade hope you enjoy Don’t Dare the Devil when it is released at the end of this month.  It’s a little different from my previous books with a paranormal aspect but my wife, betas and editor tell me they LOVE it.  I hope you do too.




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