Back from NY

NY snow

New York is even more crowded than I remember.  It is truly the melting pot of the world.  If one is walking against the crowd, which I seemed to be most of the time, it was difficult to get anywhere quickly.  We arrived just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so the streets were closed everywhere.  Even tour buses had to give up trying to run their tours.  The next day was the NY Marathon, so again the streets were closed.  There seemed to be an influx of new and young cab drivers who knew where nothing was so if you were lucky enough to get a cab, you’d better have an address they can put into their GPS.  Uber was our best mode of transportation.  They were efficient and always delivered us right to our door.  The cabbies often pulled to a corner and said, “You have to walk from here, I can’t get you there.”

You know how people up north always say “New Yorkers know how to handle snow.”  Yes, they do.  They plow it from the streets onto the sidewalks and wait for the sun to shine to melt it.  Pretty ingenious, huh?

I have always found New Yorkers to be friendly and pleasant.  That hasn’t changed.  The 911 Memorial was breathtaking and very emotional.



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