Tank Groomed and Mad!

hategroomingWe obviously aren’t as smart as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.  She has postponed her meeting with President Trump because of the storm headed for the East coast.  We are still planning to land in New York on Thursday.  We will conduct some business, see a few musicals and hopefully return home Tuesday.  Tank is groomed but not happy about it.  He prefers his scruffy look.  Too Strong to Die is still #1 in the UK and #5 in the U.S in the Lesbian Action/Adventure Category..  We love our readers and appreciate the nice reviews.

2 thoughts on “Tank Groomed and Mad!

  1. I want to thank you for making your books available on Amazon Prime. I am looking forward to your next release. I very much enjoyed Too Strong to Die. The book had it all, action, suspense, adventure and great romance.

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