Headed to the Big Apple!

This is my first effort at a blog with WordPress so please bear with me.  In our infinite planning, we are heading to New York just in time for their blizzard.  We will be conducting a little business and going to as many musicals as we can in five days.  Mamie is flying in to stay with Tank so he won’t have to leave his happy home.  I will post photos on my website tomorrow after Tank visits the groomer.  Tank is my inspiration for Troy Hunter’s dog, Charlie in Too Strong to Die.  Here he is in all his scruffy glory.


We will try our best to avoid the unpleasant politics that are going on in NYC right now.  I am more of a live and let live kind of woman and just want to enjoy the excitement and entertainment New York offers.

I plan to update this blog regularly, so If you have any questions for me or just want to give me a shout, please feel free to do so.  I will do my best to respond.

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